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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Burger Truck in Sophia Antipolis

I'm a big burger fan and I am always looking for the next best burger and although there are some decent burgers in the region (French Riviera) it wasn't until recently (actually, end of 2013, this is an old entry I made) that I found out this amazing burger place.

I have to clarify I have absolutely no commercial interest or benefit from this place, my only interest is that he doesn't have to move somewhere else because there isn't enough business here. The main inconvenience is that even though it is quite well located in Sophia Antipolis it is a bit hidden, so here is my contribution to the burger's fan community

The truck is located in Route du Parc, where the gas station is, but he is on the opposite direction, if you take the road coming from Antibes to Valbonne it will be on your right, where there is a big parking area and they sell wood. If you want more specifics, here are the GPS coordinates (43.609016, 7.053897) try them in Google maps.

He makes a mean Cheeseburger, and he does a good chicken burger as well. The service is very good, Sam cooks and Ausra serves, Sam used to work as a chef on Yachts. between the two of them they speak French, English, Spanish, German and Lithuanian.

And, one more thing, if you tell them you read it here they will offer you free coffee, just mention my name :-)

Probably the best burger in the region, but don't believe me, go and try it for yourself.

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